Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Just a bad day not a bad life...

I think I need someone to talk to. To actually talk to, they don't even have to respond to anything I say if they don't want to. I realized over these past weeks that I don't really talk about my problems to anyone. That's because I don't have anyone that actually listens, my best friend is a crappy listener and even more shitty at giving advice. I'm here for people when they need to talk to someone, I give honest advice but I know when to shut up. I'm tired of my friends not listening to my problems but when I listen to theirs and give them my advice I'm apparently not doing it "good" enough. People judge me on my appearance, they say I look like a stuck up bitch but fortunately I proved them wrong once they actually took the time to talk to me. Every single one of my friends said that they were scared of me before we became friends because I walk confidently and I don't smile all the time. I just wanted someone to talk to, I haven't been walking on sunshine lately and yet I still don't show it and I still listen to what everyone else needs to vent about. I don't need someone but I'm sure it's nice. My life has made me fairly strong to where I don't need someone to vent to but I've been told that comes with a price. I hate talking like this because I feel like there's kids out there who have it so much worst and here I am yearning for someone to listen to me. Little old me. I will always be the girl that would rather listen than speak, I enjoy being her. I just want someone because everyone else has someone. I'll get over it like I always do.

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