Thursday, June 6, 2013

My freshman year grades...

So i know i screwed up freshman year. Badly. but at least it was only at the end of the year, i started off freshman year pretty good. My father and family unfortunately wasn't expecting my grades to be this terrible which is why their all looking at me weird. Like they pity me because all of the sudden i'm dumber than dirt and their poor little girl can't do the only thing she's good at.  my dad lost his mind and grounded me plus took my phone away for like three weeks. i wouldn't really care if it was any other summer and i wasn't moving to Oregon at the end of those three weeks but i am really pissed off. i used to get grounded my stepmother all the time but all of this coming from my dad for some reason pisses me off more than anything. I won't get to say goodbye to my friends at all until after i'm already gone. I know i deserve it but i mean i am definetely not the only the only person with two F's and to me being grounded was punishment enough, especially in my situation. I just wish he would calm down and understand, i honestly think that if i were to get in trouble for skipping school (instead of actually going, like i did, and actually trying, which i semi-did) that I wouldn't be in this much trouble. I guess this is just what happens when you set high expectations for yourself and you end up falling short every once in awhile. I feel bad for professional athletes.

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