Thursday, June 6, 2013

This new School thing...

Okay. So i'm starting to get nervous about attending this new school in Portland. I mean i visited the school out there and it is completely different than what am i used to here in California. I mean In Cali the schooling system is pretty simple (prolly because here they don't give a shit) but i mean out there it seems as if it's straight out of some movie. High school Musical to be exact. The thing is I'm not even nervous about the potential threat of some insecure flock of Anorexic Sharpays accusing me of taking their bathroom stall, but i'm more nervous for finding the fucking classrooms on time. Like i said, here it's pretty simple, almost every school is outdoors which means small little lockers that no one uses and classes being pretty easy to find. There is no designated hallway for whatever class your in or a basement that has the art classes in it although we do have what we call "rape dungeons" which are the dark hallways couples go to ya' know....discuss geometry and shit but maybe they have those there. Anywhosies at this point the only thing i'm looking forward to is the beautiful tumbr boys that probably all attend Lincoln High in Portland, Oregon. Well that and the fact that i get to START ALL OVER.

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